alqo wasi

Every piece is hand knitted from alpaca fibres by Peruvian artisans. This is one amazing label! 


Alqo Wasi actually means 'Dog Home' in Quechua. In this instance though, it's the dog home of some of the best knits we've ever seen for our four legged friends. 

Not just any knitwear though. Patricia, the brand's CEO, only uses Alpaca fibres because they are seven times stronger and three times warmer than merino wool, meaning your pooches will stay dry (it also does not absorb or retain moisture) and warm in the winter months. 

We're also told on the website that Alpaca is a sheared fibre, and not skinned, so it's cruelty-free. Herdsmen shear them every other year at the onset of the rainy season. And what makes this brand even more special is that Alqo Wasi has chosen workshops run by women from Puno and Lima. They come from difficult and vulnerable backgrounds, but are given constant development and training in this field. Using these workshops, Alqo Wasi is giving them opportunities they wouldn't necessarily get.

There's something for every dog in their collection too: striped jumpers, fringed ponchos (oh-so-cute) and even hats and scarves for Christmas. Patricia has thought of everything. 

Like many dog brands, this one was born from Patricia wanting something particular for her two Westies, Paco and Lua. And it's a good job she was picky... her products are just so gorgeous! You can order from the site here.