barbara decré, Nanook the Siberian Husky and
Achile the Shiba Inu

This Belgian photographer traded nurses scrubs for a camera when she moved cities, and her Instagram account proves just how talented she is!

Words: Simon Glazin                       Pictures: Barbara Decré


On life with her dogs: Life got busier with dogs: a Siberian Husky and a Shiba Inu, they need a lot of exercise. But it bought me to a certain level of relaxation, of mindfulness. They make me go outside and, like one of my favourite quotes by John Muir, ‘In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks’. Dogs feel like a compliment, they’re always happy to see me. 

On work: Right now I'm a freelance photographer, in particular children's photography, children's fashion, brand representative for some brands I truly love. Also, I photograph nature and obviously dogs.

I love capturing moments as they become memories to hold onto forever. I’m very nostalgic. I treasure stuff from the past: pictures, old cameras, vintage books. My favourite shoots contain kids, fashion, animals and nature. Or old abandoned houses, soulful places, outside anywhere. 


On before becoming a photographer, and career plan B: For ten years I worked as a nurse on a burn unit and intensive care. I loved it and would do back to it again tomorrow if I could. Actually being a photographer was my plan B career. I had to adjust my life to moving cities for my husband’s job, oh and I have three kids too so had to think about them. But I would consider a plan C and D … you never know!

On her daily routine: I get up around 6.30am. I usually take pictures in the morning to take advantage of the light, or even better...  the sunrise, or mist and snow. I love having breakfast when it’s silent, before the loud and busy school run routine kicks off. At around 9am I wake up my dogs and we go for a walk or run. They stay in our garden for the rest of the day but get to see me since I work a lot from home. Or they sleep inside on a comfy dog bed. My favourite part is when they snuggle at my feet when I prepare dinner.


We’re on the same page. This dog can read me like a book!

My dogs have very different personalities. They are always together, but never too close.

Nanook, my Siberian Husky, is social, loves hugs and kisses (and food).

Achile, my Shiba Inu, is rather detached and independent. He has a larger than life personality, he tries to outsmart me every day, all day long.

He feels like a ‘person’ to me due to his sense of humour…we’re on the same page. This dog reads me like a book!

I love the fact they like to be photographed. They know the word ‘picture’ and want to be in front of the camera both at the same time.


On where she lives: It’s so tiny, but at it least has some diversity: the sea, the little hills and woods. I live in a small rural village now, Hechtel, and I it! I love nature! It's the perfect place for dog walking. I love that it’s close to Holland. In my heart, my former city, Leuven, will always be my hometown, it’s a lovely city, not too big, just perfect. But I love Hechtel too.

One thing people should know about her: I’m a sensitive, shy and nostalgic person. I like happy friendly people, they bring out the best in me. Like dogs, with their never ending enthusiasm.