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Hudson is a bouncy young Terrier full of energy and fun. He adores his toys and is really sociable with other dogs and will play all day long if he could!

He does need a home with people who are able to give him time and space to settle in, and then continue his basic training once he is feeling more secure. He can be a little anxious with new people so his new owners will need to recognise when he’s feeling nervous and help him to build his confidence without rushing him into new situations.

Hudson could potentially live with older children over the age of 14 and with dogs. Once he’s settled he’ll make a great family pet.

If you would like to find out more about Hudson please contact Dogs Trust on 0300 303 0292 and the team at Dogs Trust Evesham can answer any questions.

Dogs Trust Dog Of The Week...


Age: 8
Breed: German Short Haired Pointer

Rocco arrived at Dogs Trust Leeds shortly after New Year after unfortunately his owner’s work commitments meant they could no longer give him the time and attention this older gentleman enjoys.

Despite being a middle-aged pooch he is still really active and will happily walk for miles. He loves playing hide and seek with his toys and two-legged friends too! But when he’s had the chance to burn off his energy, he loves nothing more than curling up in a comfy bed.

He can be a little shy at first and hides his true personality but once he knows you, he is a loving canine companion. He can live with teenage children but would prefer to be the centre of attention as the only dog in the home.

If you think you could offer Rocco his forever home, please call the centre on 0300 303 0292 or visit her at Dogs Trust Leeds, Woodlands Farm, York Road, Leeds, LS15 4NL. You can also find out more at


MEATliquor and its charity hot dogs...

For anyone who loves meat, you've probably been to one of the many MEATliquor restaurants around the UK. And now, thanks to their charity hot dog - the Littlest Hobo - you can enjoy the meat, and give something back to! 

Throughout March, April and May, MEATliquor will give £1 to local dog charities from every Littlest Hobo sold - in London, it's Battersea Dogs Home. What's more, there is a dedicated doggy cocktail menu too: A St. Bernard (brandy, black cherry liqueur, lemon juice), Copper Dog (whisky, plum bitters) and Lassie Lassi (vodka, greek yogurt and more goodness) among many. 

AND what's more, the little black and tan Dachshund in the pictures is our very own Dhillon! He was asked to model in the campaign by the people at MEATliquor, and jumped at the chance when we heard it was for charity! 

Find Dhillon on Instagram @dhillythedaxie, and his friend @ziggythesausagedog. 

Enjoy a hot dog if you go to one of the MEATliquor restaurants! Why not eat two, and give more back!? 

Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is AMAZING!

News reaches us that the people at Nissan have released a prototype of a brand new car that caters VERY WELL for our four legged friends! 

The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is essentially a family car, but with lots of built-in features to help the furry family member be more comfortable, and to ensure those muddy walks are taken care of. 

Think: a ramp so you don't have to get dirty and wet lifting them up, a camera linking the boot with the front so you can see and speak to the dog, treat dispenser, no-spill water bowl, drying system, bed, and a very chic quilted leather interior. 

Take a look at this video to see how it all works...

We're not sure when it will come out, or even if it will actually be manufactured, OR how much it will be, but what we do know is is that it's PAWFECT for everyone with a dog! 

Who wants in on the waiting list?

Every dog owner needs a Furbo...

Find me one dog owner who hasn't said aloud, or in their head, 'I wish I could see what my dog does all day!' Well lovely ready, the time has come to turn that wish into a reality, with the help of Furbo!

It was only a matter of time until someone created a doggy cam. Let's face it, we've been Facetiming one and other for a few years now, and with social channels like Instagram Live and Snapchat, live video is a given these days. So why not have a live link into your house, pointing at your pooch? 

Furbo is the world's first treat-tossing dog camera. Yes, you read it right... TREAT. TOSSING. Not just a device to see your pooch sleeping in his/her bed, or jumping on and off the sofa. You can throw a treat from it too. AND you can talk to your dog as well. It's GENIUS! 

I just had to try it out. I've longed to see what Dhillon gets up to all day. I worry that he's terribly bored. (Don't worry, I don't leave him alone all day!) And it's a great way to spy on your dog walker! (I don't really do that) Furbo really is a great device for checking your dog is ok. If he barks, I'm sent a notification. If he looks a bit sad, I'll throw him a treat. All from my iPhone. GENIUS. (I know I've said that before)

Side note: he HATES me talking to him through the machine. He doesn't understand it. He ends up running off to the kitchen and hiding. I'm not sure if it's just him, but he's not usually scared of things. I get it though... he can hear me but can't see me, it must be a tad freaky. 

BUT, I truly wouldn't want to live without Furbo now. Just the other day, I kept getting notifications that he was barking. We'd left the house only 10 minutes before, and he was sat on the sofa, barking and wining for some reason. He stopped soon after, but it was good to see that nothing was actually wrong, and to throw him a treat to calm him down.

Check out this little video...

Here's what the Furbo features: 

  • HD Camera + Night Vision – 720p HD camera features a 120° wide-angle lens, 4x digital zoom and infrared LED night vision for monitoring and clear pictures and videos
  • Two-Way Audio – Crisp, built-in speaker and ultra-sensitive microphone, to both hear and speak to dogs and give them the comfort of a familiar voice whenever you’re out
  • Treat Tossing System – Simply pop off the lid, drop in up to 30 of your dog's favourite treats, and with the touch of a button on your app you can play with, and reward, your dog at home
  • Barking Alerts – Delivers push notifications to your smartphone letting you know if your dog is barking so you can soothe them in real time
  • Mobile App Connectivity – WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, compatible with both iOS and Android, provides access from your smartphone, tablet, or Apple Watch

You can get your hands on a Furbo now, from Amazon, for £249. Which really isn't a lot of money for all that it does! Click here to see more and to buy one. 

The Monster of all pet supplies!

Anyone else have their dog on the Christmas present list? Dhillon actually usually tops mine. I don't do big flashy gifts for him, no helicopter trips or electronic cars to navigate the house. Just little things that I know he'll like. 

And when the lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies got in touch to help out with Dhillon's presents, it was too good an offer to refuse!

Dhillon had no idea what was in the box, neither did I, but I couldn't leave it to open until Christmas Day for him. He wanted to find out what was inside. And there was LOTS inside! 

From a Lily's Kitchen advent calendar and treats, to dog-friendly candy canes, a dog bowl and even a dog jumper. There was EVERYTHING a little (or big) pooch could possibly dream of! It was an amazing gift box for Dhillon to receive. He LOVES the advent calendar, and knows exactly what is coming when I pick it up. 

As if it couldn't get any better, the lovelies at Monster Pet Supplies have featured Dhillon and I as their 'blogger of the month', check out our little interview here. 

ALSO, because I love the products Monster offers, and I'd love for all dogs to get amazing gifts this Christmas, I have a special code that gives you £5 off orders over £65 and more, so get shopping, and get money off - use code TAILSDEC5.


10 best dog Christmas tree decorations...

'Tis the season! Have you got your Christmas tree yet? About to get it and need tree decoration ideas? Love dogs? You're in the right place! 

We've hunted high and low to bring you the best dog Christmas tree decorations, from pugs to Buster the Boxer from John Lewis' TV ad, there's a breed and bauble for everyone! 


Party dog bauble from, £14.95

10 best Christmas dog jumpers...

It's that time of year, lovely reader! You're probably just deciding whether to get a real Christmas tree or a fake one, and you've probably eyed up a Christmas jumper for yourself. But don't forgot one for your dog too! 

We've scouted the shops so you don't have to. Here's the run down of the 10 best Christmas dog jumpers...


Traditional Christmas Nordic Jumper by Willieratbag, from Not On The High Street, £30

Buy here

River Island Christmas knit, £16

Buy here

Elf suit Christmas jumper,, £10

Buy here

Reindeer Christmas jumper, John Lewis, £8.99

Buy here

Gingerbread man jumper by Willieratbag, Not On The High Street, £35

Buy here

Elf jumper, M&Co, £8

Buy here

Rudolph Reindeer jumper, Accessorize, £10

Buy here

Hooded Christmas jumper, Selfridges, £7

Buy here

Hector dog cardigan, Thom Browne, £450

Buy here

Reindeer knitted jumper, Doggy Things, PetsPyjamas, £15

Buy here

New dog food alert!

It seems like there is a new brand of dog food popping up every week at the moment. Some claim to be free of... everything, some are packaged amazingly, and lots use really good ingredients. I like reading all the information from the brands to see exactly what is in the food and how it's all made. And whilst Dhillon could happily eat all day long, I have to be careful with what I give him... He has a delicate little tummy. So when it comes to reviewing dog food (I'm not about to eat it!), I only choose those that I know will be kind to his stomach.

When the lovely people at offered him a trial, I jumped at the chance. I'd seen and heard lots about the brand. They tailor the food based on the breed, age, activeness, current diet and likes and dislikes of your dog and hand-mix each each order. Dhillon eats wet food at the moment, so I wanted something compatible, which this is. What's more, the bag and little plastic scoop comes personalised, a nice touch. And if you forget what is in the food, you are reminded with a list of ingredients when you get it delivered. 

Dhillon loves his food. I only give him a little scoop's worth mixed with his wet food. For a dog that likes a bit of crunch, this is perfect. The kibble is just big enough. 

When you sign up, you have the option of letting automatically send out monthly supplies based on the breed and how much you feed your dog. The whole thing is really clever, and if you want a trial, we've got a special code that gives a two weeks... just enter TAILS_DHILLON at checkout! 

Dhillon and his personalised bag of food and little scoop! 

Dhillon and his personalised bag of food and little scoop! 

The other food brand that caught my eye recently is WONDERBOO, direct from Sweden, and only launching in the UK this Spring. 

You'll notice the amazing packaging - it's so chic and simple, but effective. You remember it. It has that understated Scandinavian feel to it - sharp lines yet minimal. The brand is all about style and quality. Each meal comes in a plastic bowl inside one of these little boxes, and this actually is meant to be so you can feed on the go too! Genius. 

Founder and CEO Magnus Rosengren says: "For many years we have fed our canine friends food from the major dog food producers without questioning the contents. Dog owners' awareness has now increased, and the same high demands we put on our own food is no places on the food we feed our dogs." 

All ingredients are Swedish and natural, and contain either ox or cod. The cod is almost like dry flakes, and so not to upset his stomach, I sprinkled some on top of a couple of Dhillon's meals to see his reaction... he LOVED it, and ate it in seconds! 

I like that there is no filler or bulk in this food, what you see is what you get. There are few ingredients, and all are really good for your dog. The cod does have a strong smell, but dogs don't mind that! 

Check out more from WONDERBOO here

The wonderful Wonderboo! 

The wonderful Wonderboo! 

Stay tuned for more dog food suggestions soon! 

Winny the Corgi launches new card range...

If you're a dog lover, the chances are you follow a few of the handsome hounds who are now considered Instagram stars in their own right. Tuna, Ella Bean, the list goes on. And one of our favourite Insta-pooches, Winny the Corgi (see here), has some exciting news... 


This is the equivalent of a celebrity launching their own fashion collection!

Birthdays, invitations, thank yous and general lovely cards are all included in Winny's collection, and prices are £3.50, which we think is competitive considering what stores charge. 

All cards are available on Winny's site,, and you can even get a card bundle too! 

Taylor Hill, Topshop's new AW16 campaign star and her pup in new video...

News hit our inbox last week that high street giant, Topshop have launched their brand new autumn winter 2016 campaign staring model-of-the-moment Taylor Hill. 

FYI she has 4.2 million Instagram followers! 

Anyway, for her debut campaign for Topshop, Taylor models the autumn winter collection in some amazing images, shot around New York, and styled by Topshop's Creative Director, Kate Phelan. 

Obviously we love the new collection, but Topshop also created this super cute video with Taylor and her dog, Tate, which charts a day in her New York apartment. Take a look at it, and the new clothes, here...  

Trussardi set to launch dog fashion line...

Trussardi, the 105-year-old Italian fashion house, has announced today that they are to launch their first pet fashion line, Trussardi For Your Dog. 

The label, known for its amazing leathers, tailoring and knitwear, have teamed up with Fashion Streetwear Italia on this new collaboration, which will include chic collars and leads, lovely dog bags and doghouses and amazing knits, sweaters and coats. 

Trussardi has long had a greyhound for its signature logo, which appears embroidered on tops and as hardwear on the front of bags. Guaranteed this pet line will be a beautifully crafted, gorgeous-to-the-touch collection! 

According to WWD, 'Trussardi for Your Dog will be distributed in selected pet shops, international department stores, as well as in some of the brand’s boutiques.'

Keep your eyes peeled! 

Five of the best dog videos...

Who doesn't love a hysterical dog video to brighten up their day? There has been SO many viral videos over the last couple of years that we found it hard to whittle it down to just five, but we imagine this feature being a rolling one... maybe one a week? 

Anyway, here's our current top five. Enjoy... 

Thom Browne dedicates his new collection to his dog...

New York-based fashion designer Thom Browne has a miniature wire-haired Dachshund called Hector. And Hector has now been turned into a bag. 

No, it's not what you think. No harming Hector happened in this tale (or tail). He has simply been immortalised into the new must-have bag! Yes, meet The Hector bag! For spring 2017 (Browne has recently showed his new collection - fashion works a year ahead remember!) Hector is rendered in leathers, of all different colours, and right now you can buy him in blacks and creams. 

But he's not just for the ladies. Oh no. Browne very kindly introduced Hector into the current collection for us men, which is now on sale. Suits, jumpers, shorts, trousers and of course bags, all with Hector as a theme. 

This one of the best dog-inspired fashion collections we've ever seen! 

Shop current Hector here...