Looking for something statement for your pooch? Here’s the brand for you!

Doughnuts, tacos, flamingos, bacon and eggs… we’re not just listing all the things we love. These are just a few of the amazing prints that Australian brand, Fuzz Yard, offer. And we are SO obsessed with it all now!

Stating on the website that their ‘ethos and vision has been simple… to create premium pet products with the highest aesthetic appeal’, Fuzz Yard has done just that! You’d know a Fuzz Yard dog if you saw one walking down the street. Their designs are statement, bold, fun and will surely make you smile.

‘When we started in 2003, the world was screaming, barking and howling for pet products that just popped... enough of your boring and bland browns and pinks, the world needed vibrant colours…’ And so for the last 15 years, Fuzz Yard has kept pooches the world over in a constant colour haze.

There’s everything from coats to jumpers, toys to leads and bedding to grooming products. Literally something for everyone (every dog!). The matchy matchy leads and harnesses are oh-so-cool, and the printed beds are definitely a change from your normal ones, just like the brand said!

Shipping is free within Australia when you spend $25, and they ship internationally too. You should follow them on Instagram too - @fuzzyard - the pictures they post will have you grinning from ear to ear! See more here.