harriet goodings and frankie the miniature dachshund

She splits her time between London and Norwich, is a full-time fashion designer, and STILL has time to launch a successful dog accessory brand, Edition 12.

Read on to find out how she fits it all in! 

Words: Simon Glazin

On life with Frankie: I don’t know if opening with ‘life with Frankie is expensive’ is a good way to start, but there is a grain of truth in there! He has a dust allergy which means we’re on first name terms with our local dog dermatologist. Thankfully he’s looking much better now. He is hugely comical for such a small dog and makes me (and nearly every ‘sausage dog!’ shouting passer-by) laugh everyday. I’d say I’ve always been a ‘dog person’, having had a Labrador and Airedale Terrier when growing up, so having a small dog was a bit of a change. Though Frankie’s bark definitely makes up for his body size.


On Edition 12: Edition 12 is a pet wear brand specialising in handmade leather collars and leashes. Although we have now added biothane collars too, which will be available online soon. I realised there will always be a reason not to start a business, so after um’ing and ah’ing for nearly 2 years, I finally found the confidence to do it. The idea was to combine my love of design with my love of dogs and create a brand that is inspired by minimal details, colour and quality finishes. I spent a lot of time researching and trialing different leathers and watching numerous YouTube videos on leather manufacture and finishing’s, created mood boards, as well as how to start/ run a business (that one’s still a work in progress!). The collars went through various design phases, with lots of trial and error, but I’m pleased that time was spent ensuring there is a point of difference in an industry that has many great brands.


On 'other' work: I work full-time designing womenswear for an online brand called Three Floor. I spend 3 days a week in London in which I am at the Three Floor office 8-5pm. I work 2 days from home in Norwich. Evenings/ weekends/ holidays are usually dedicated to Edition 12. I would say being organised is the only way to juggle the two. I tend to make stock in advance, as well as imagery. Latergramme is a wonderful app for scheduled Instagram posts. There’s always a ‘to-do’ list on the go, but I’m now mastering the art of cut-off times. It’s not healthy to over-do it, so walking Frankie and attending a yoga class helps.

"He hasn’t quite grasped the concept of personal space, so he’s often sat on my lap or at my feet."


On fashion design: I studied (BAHons) Fashion Design at UCA, Epsom and graduated in 2010.

Like many graduates I was super eager to move to London, in doing so I began working for a high street supplier and found myself learning how to design a commercial garment. When studying you have a lot of creative freedom, when designing for a brand you learn to channel that creativity into understanding their customer and what they will want to buy a year in advance. I Remember

The first pair of trousers I designed, I saw a girl on the underground wearing them, I was so excited I took a picture! Four years ago Three Floor was born and I’ve been lucky to see the brand grow from conception, to being stocked in high-end department stores worldwide. 


On a plan B: Working with animals! I did my first work experience at a zoo at 16, but admittedly the cold weather and cleaning put me off. 


On your daily routine: It varies slightly as I divide my week between London and Norwich. If I’m in London, I get up at 06.30, head to the Northern line about 07.20 and am at my desk with a coffee by 8am. The day the starts with emails and depending on where we are in the season, the team and I will have a design catch up followed by garment fittings, where any changes/ updates will be made to the fabric or design. Much of my day is spent designing on the computer, so by lunchtime, I’ll usually go to a café for lunch; Pitfields is my current favourite.

Frankie goes to my boyfriends parents if Jonathan and myself are both away, he knows the drill now. When I’m working from home, Frankie’s very much involved in my day. Usually I get him up around 7am (he’s not a morning dog!) Followed by a brisk walk and then breakfast (raw fed mixed with his daily medication for that dust allergy I mentioned earlier!) He usually will play ball for about 3 throws then gets bored. He hasn’t quite grasped the concept of personal space, so he’s often sat on my lap or at my feet. He’s not subtle, he’s happy to sit on anyone’s lap to be honest. 


On career advice: Work experience is by far the best way to meet people within any industry you’re interested in. I managed to meet some people who I’m still in contact with now who I’ve have met through work placements. Also, do your research. The competition is fierce, be sure you’re being original. And be nice to people of course.

On her favourite Frankie 'tail': When I’d just moved back to Norwich I was walking Frankie off lead on a small field. He decided that whatever was in the bush smelt amazing and I quickly realised I could no longer see him but could hear him whimpering. He’d burrowed under a fence whilst wearing a padded high-vis jacket and got stuck between the fence and a wall. My boyfriends dad came to the rescue and wedged him free. He then just carried on as if nothing had happened. I also ADORE Frankie’s snoring; I just can’t get enough of it. How does such a small dog snore so loud? It just melts my heart.


On what breed of dog she'd be: Maybe a bully breed, to help encourage change in perceptions.

One thing people should know about you: My guilty/ not so guilty TV show pleasure is Dance Moms. I’ve lost many an evening being sucked in by the Abby Lee Miller dance studio!