jane kellock and archie the labradoodle

Blogger, trend forecaster and lover of a red lip, Jane talks plan B career and what breed of dog she'd like to be!

You can tell Jane is in 'fashion'. She opened the door to us in this casual-cool outfit (tailored orange trousers, long black top, a spotty Nike trainer), and you only have to look at her impressive shelves (above) and the precise colour coded pottery collection to know she loves anything bold and statement. Oh, and a red lip is her style signature, she doesn't leave the house without it. 

Jane started in the fashion world as a womenswear designer, with stints at Topshop and as Head of Design for a Canadian retailer before moving onto trend forecasting. She worked at WGSN - the world renowned trend forecasting and analysis company - and Stylus, a similar concept. She has since founded her very own agency, the Unique Style Platform (USP), which 'offers intelligent analysis to the fashion and style industries.' On the site we are told that 'Jane has gained an international reputation as a colour and trends expert...' which is no surprise - *another colour coded shelf reference*.

As well as posting regularly to USP's blog, Jane also co-writes fashion and lifestyle blog, The Women’s Room, with her good friend Amanda. The site is really all about championing style at any age, but there are lots of opinion pieces, beauty features and restaurant reviews on there too. With lots of strings to her bow, Jane oozes creativity, something that really comes across when you spend any amount of time with her. She could easily add interior designer to the list of her jobs too... her house is quite amazing! From the shelves (that I seemingly can't get over) to the wall of flower art, this is one Pinterest-ready pad! 

Jane loves Archie. Google her name and read any interview she has done in the past and you'll see that very soon in she is talking about being a dog lover. Archie is equally obsessed with her. What I love about these two is that she is quite short (something she won't mind me saying), and he, being a labradoodle, is quite big. It's a funny mix, and they look great together. I imagine if Jane was to dress him up, he'd look super dapper! Read on to hear from Jane - her daily routine and some great career advice! 

'Curiosity is one of the most important qualities for a good forecaster - being really nosy is a really good thing!'

On life with Archie: Archie is the most laid back gentle giant - he never barks (except for a ball) and is a joy to spend time with. He never gets separation anxiety, but is always pleased to see me and is happy to do things like go the pub, or hang out in my studio - so he’s my constant companion. He loves all the regular doggie things like chasing squirrels or a ball - oh and food - obviously he loves food - he’s half Labrador after all!


On her job: I’m a trend forecaster who started out as a fashion designer and went onto work for forecasting companies WGSN and Stylus, before setting up my own trend service, Unique Style Platform, two years ago. We work with brands and retailers to create bespoke  tangible, inspiration trends which help our clients understand future macro trends, seasonal design and product directions as well as the future world of their consumer.  

I also co-write the Women's Room, a blog aimed at women over 35. Amanda and I have written it for eight years now and have built up a large and loyal following who seem to enjoying our positive view on growing older with style.


On career plan B: In another life I would have liked to be an actress or a writer - but I write a lot now with the blog, so I suppose I have realised that dream. But if anyone would like to give me a part in a re-make of Grey Gardens, I think I’d make a great old Edie!


On her daily routine: I’m an early riser, so I’m usually up at 6am, drinking tea and writing a blog post - either for The Women's Room or USP.  Archie and my two ginger toms are the first to greet me as they are waiting for their breakfast. My husband usually takes Archie for his early morning walk and he will then either come with me to the studio, or if I have meetings our lovely dog walker Gail will take him out at lunch time. 

My day is filled with creating mood boards, research macro trends, colour meetings or briefing freelancers, while constantly checking all our social media feeds. I love Instagram and we have WR and USP accounts - so I’m always taking pictures on my phone. Being a good trend forecaster means being aware of whats going on in the world and keeping up with popular culture and social media is a great way to do this. 

Evenings will see me out and about at events or meeting up with friends. My studio is in Haggerston, so its rare that I leave Hackney to be honest - as it seems all the most interesting new restaurants are here!!

At the end of the day its home to Archie and the gingers who will be sprawled out taking up all the room on the sofa.


On career advice: To be a good trend forecaster its good to have some experience of a particular industry first - so a fashion or design degree would be good, as well as lots of interesting internships. I would expect future employees to write a blog - or at least have a tumblr - as they need to illustrate that they are aware of whats going on in the world and have an aesthetic. Curiosity is one of the most important qualities for a good forecaster - being really nosy is a really good thing, as well as the ability to persuade people you have good ideas.


On her signature style: It used to be red hair and a red lip - but I’m experimenting with going grey at the moment and embracing my age! I either wear super bright clashing colours or all black - there’s no in-between with me - but I’m a bit like that in life too!


On her favourite Archie tale: I love his enthusiasm for life  - you can take him out in the freezing cold or the pouring rain and he will embrace it all -  by jumping in water (no matter how cold) skidding along grass, or endlessly chasing balls. He is so happy with his lot and glad to be alive - he makes me feel like that too.


On what breed of dog she'd be: I’d be a Scotty dog - short, Scottish, busy and in charge!


On who would play her in a movie: Editta Sherman (who was named the Duchess of Carnegie Hall) in Lost Bohemia - or any eccentric older Jewish women in New York to be honest.