lily's kitchen pride tin

As the country gears up for a full summer of Pride events, Lily's Kitchen is supporting with proceeds going to Stonewall. Hear from Henrietta, founder of Lily's, below...


It's quite refreshing to see a brand other than a high street chain talk about Pride. Lily's Kitchen - the go-to for amazing pet food - as well as being a sponsor of London Pride this year, has also created this oh-so-lovely rainbow tin, named Full Of Love & Pride, of which 75p from every purchase will go to Stonewall, the international organisation which campaigns for the equality of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Henrietta Morrison, founder of Lily's Kitchen and a proud lesbian, says:

"You may be wondering what the relationship is between pets and people and why Lily’s Kitchen has produced a tin celebrating Pride - families come in all shapes and sizes…including furry. We are defined by who we love and how we care for them and love for our family is top of the list. Celebrating diversity and being proud of our role in this is something I am deeply proud of."

She goes on:

"It’s been brilliant talking to retailers about this campaign and I’ve been very moved at how open many are to not only stocking the products but also willing to help us campaign and even join our Float at Pride London."

And if this shoot doesn't spur you on to buy the tin, we're not sure what will! 


Cat owners, fear not! there is a tray of cat food too, and 30p of every sale will go to stonewall!