Brilliantly made, brilliantly designed dog gear from a former knitwear and textile womenswear designer

You know you've got a good brand on your hands when people learn about it through social media. There ain't no better marketing/pr tool than Instagram/Twitter/Facebook. And that's exactly how we came to fall in love with LoveMyDog. 

Just as well... the coats and jumpers are oh-so-gorgeous!

Launched in 2003 by Lilly Shahravesh, LoveMyDog is all about well-designed doggy staples that will rival your own wardrobe. Lilly actually started by designing and making a jumper for her sister's dog. People started to ask where it was from, and voila... LoveMyDog was born out of demand!

Hand-knitted wool jumpers and snoods, tweed coats and waterproof jackets make up part of this brand, along with collars and carriers. On the site, it tells us that: 'In 2010 Lilly travelled to the Outer Hebrides to create a new tartan Harris Tweed. Known as ‘Hoxton Tartan’, 'Pixley' and 'Appleby', this unique fabric is protected by an Act of Parliament, and is still woven by hand on the island.' How amazing is that?

You might have seen LoveMyDog pieces before too. They've appeared in the likes of: YOU magazine, Sunday Times Style, Gazia, and on This Morning. Your pooch will be dressed by the best!

You have to check out the blazer dog coat (opposite), and the two-tone wool jumpers, and the rest of the collection, here.