the grosvenor arms

This oh-so-sweet Dorset pet-friendly hotel is positioned at the edge of the historic Cranborne Chase. Blogger Stephanie Dreams reviews it...

Wishing for nothing more than to see new places and adventure along with the pooches, dog friendly travel is really important to me and is the thing that truly makes me so happy ♥

Booked through Pets Pyjamas, the Grosvenor Arms is located in Shaftesbury, a gorgeous little village home to "Hovis Hill" and is rather picture perfect.
The whole place has a rather homely and lovely feel to it, boasting gorgeous rooms, a cosy wood burner, many cosy sofas and amazing food and drink.

Dogs were all around spotting all sorts of breeds and sizes, sitting with their owner at the bar or keeping warm by the fire. It really showed how dog friendly they were and having Sev and Lily by my side, on my Birthday is something I'd never want to change.

The bedrooms were rather lovely, with a wonderful bath that obviously called my name for a soak in some bubbles, an amazing king size bed, a small bed and bowl for the dogs and a coffee machine for the morning after the night before.

The bar area is lovely, and although we saw dogs join their owners in the restaurant for breakfast, we decided to stay their for the morning too. Having both comfy sofas to pick from, as well as normal height tables and chairs....a must if you're eating with your pooch in a none dining area.

The fire roared on the first evening of January, and the 2-for-1 margaritas were drunk while the dogs napped at our feet or said hello to the other four-legged friends that joined their family for New Year Celebrations.

now meet Stephanie... 

On life with Sev and Lily: Sev and Lily are such a big part of my life, and not something I can imagine changing. We've always had dogs as a family, so when I moved out it was the thing my and husband and I looked at as the next step- to have a dog. They're perfect companions and full of love, such a source of happiness and help make me feel content with my life.

On being a veterinary nurse: I actually decided on training a little later, when all my friends were at University and knew "what they wanted to be". I was stuck in retail and had no real care or interest in a lot.

Researching more about Veterinary Nursing just made something click, and I luckily found my place in a training practice. Eight years later I'm still in that practice and adore it. I feel proud and inspired to be a veterniary nurse, so I know it will always be in my life in someway. 

On career plan B: There wasn't one, but since starting my blog and learning different things has certainly changed what I'd probably do now if I was thinking about a career. PR and social for a dog brand would be the real dream, but I have such a great balance of being able to blog (and everything else that comes with that!) and work a job I enjoy at the moment.

On her daily routine: The dogs are our life and so they're with us as much as possible.
Myself and my husband both work shifts, so sometimes we have a dog walker (that Sev & Lily LOVE) however we use her less now I work night shifts. 
Daily tasks involve: walking the dogs and usually taking photos while out on the walks, updating SpanielLife Instagram account, and catching up on social media. Then everyday tasks like shopping and cleaning, before I start work at 5pm.
On our days off together my husband and I try and find new walks or dog friendly places to try out - finding content for the blog is really important to me.

On her blog, Stephanie Dreams: I have now been blogging for Seven years! SEVEN! From what started as a fashion and beauty blog, because I wanted an online diary to record my thoughts and feelings, it has grown as I have, and became more of a lifestyle blog. Dog-friendly content picked up more when we got Severus (he's now three) and even more so now we have Lily. I've had so many amazing opportunities come from the blog, and more recently got to know so many dog brands and companies, as well as meeting one of my best friends through it too.
Overall I just love what it has done: it has made me passionate about something, given me an aim and makes me want to keep doing something - nothing I've ever felt before. 
Honestly, I have nothing "planned" as such, however I have a lot of dreams and aspirations for the blog, I have a lot of things I want to do, and I know the dogs will be by my side all the way.