This is one for all you Dachshund owners. 

The struggle is REAL when it comes to finding sweaters or little jackets for sausage dogs. 'Regular' shapes aren't long enough on the body, or too big on the stomach, and forget anything with sleeves - with tiny legs, they won't be able to walk. 

So thank goodness for Noodle and Friends, the brilliant American-based brand that designs and creates the most amazing jackets, coats and apparel for Daxies. 

Marco and Megan, along with their little sausage, Noodle, launched the company in 2008, and since then have been serving the 'long dog' population with A-class practical fashions. Plaid coats, peacoats, denim jackets, parkas in bold, contrasting colours, and second-skin sweaters, with no sleeves! 

We can comment from first-hand experience that Noodle and Friends coats are really amazing, and hard-wearing. Dhillon has had the same navy peacoat for three years and it's still going strong - through rain and snow! 

What's more, Noodle donates a portion of every sale to Coast to Coast Dachshund Rescue - an organisation 'dedicated to the proposition that all dachshunds are created equal, and are endowed with unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of small rodents.'

Check out Noodle and Friends' full collection here.