sally heath minto, adam minto and blondie the pug

She is the E-Commerce Director at New Look, he owns mega huge makeup brands. Together they are a super couple, with a super little pup!  

If you've ever strolled around Primrose Hill you'd have noticed the amazing houses. Tall, imposing, chic houses. Often painted a pastel shade of purple or green or yellow. All with pristine flower boxes lining each window. On the walk to Sally and Adam's house I was envisaging exactly that, but when I reached the door number, I realised I was stood in front of an impressive, modern gated block of townhouses. Peering through the security gate, I noticed an exquisite line of round-trimmed short trees. The attention to detail was still classically Primrose Hill. 

Sally and Adam's house is uber modern, which is exactly how I'd describe the couple too. Sally is the E-Commerce Director at New Look, so her days are filled with making decisions about the ways in which the clothes are presented on line, for one of the best-known high street chains - one that is forever evolving in our online world. And Adam's makeup brands are all super social, Makeup Revolution has 477k Instagram followers, so he knows a thing or two about what works for his social media-obsessed customers. He flies around the world to scope out new products and manufacturers, and is involved with every bit of his businesses. They live hectic, busy lives, but it's obvious this works well for them.

And then there's Blondie. When we started snapping away, it was so evident that she is their common calmness. Sally and Adam seamlessly went from work mode to enthused dog owners, cuddling up to Blondie, smiling and chatting away. It was lovely to see.  And Blondie reveled in the attention, posing like a model. Scroll down to see more of their amazing house, and hear about their work and what they do to switch off...

"running your own company is a lifestyle so be prepared for the sacrifices."


On life with Blondie: There is never a dull moment with Blondie and its kind of hilarious that she is better known in Primrose Hill than us……people are always saying to me, is that Blondie?? We are regulars at the Greenberry cafe and she struts right in expecting her treat and dog bowl - the staff all adore her and its so cute to watch…. She makes people smile so much with her cute face and sociable personality - she brings calm after a hectic day at work although she is so frustrating to play ball with - she wants to chase a ball but never wants to give it back!


On work:

Sally: i’m E-Commerce Director at New Look, where i have worked for the last 6 years. I was in fashion buying for over 15 years and was fortunate to be given the opportunity to do something different - i’ve gone from guessing what people want to wear in 6 months time to selling right now. The way i see it is i’m the shopkeeper of the biggest and best store at New Look. I love the pace of fast fashion and online shopping is always changing. Data really drives our decision making - i love a statistic!. I have an App which tells me how many people are visiting my website and how much they are spending every hour of the day - its very addictive…..Black friday is such fun as sales go mental and i get such a buzz from it. I’m proud of how we are always looking for ways to present our product better or engage with our customer better - i love a happy shopper.

Adam: I am Mister Makeup! i own several cosmetic brands which sell all over the world. The biggest of them being Make Up Revolution which is sold in all Superdrugs in the UK. I also have I Heart Makeup, Freedom, Live Love and Colour Cult. I love creating new products and we do that every week, which gets our customers really excited. I travel all over the world to get ideas and meet retailers/partners. I’m passionate about making quality makeup accessible to everyone - there is nothing better than seeing our fans posting their hauls of our ranges. They call themselves “Revoholics” which makes me so proud….

On switching off from work: 

Sally: There is more makeup in this house than a cosmetic store and i have 4 wardrobes dedicated to fashion…….minimalism is difficult in our house!

We have hectic social lives too and we are real foodies but there is nothing more special for us than a night in front of the sofa with Blondie on our laps with a nice glass of red wine and a box set.

Adam: i’m always thinking about make up…..


On what their home says about them: Sally - well it wouldn’t take a detective to work out our careers/passions….its fair to say we are surrounded by the things we love……make up, clothes, shoes, animal print, champagne, and Blondie!


On career plan Bs: 

Adam: I was originally an estate agent (and a very good one) but my Dad persuaded me to work in his packaging business in the North East. My first product was a Revlon lipstick and the rest is history…..

Sally: well i would have liked to have been a pop star, but one small issue...


On career advice: 

Adam: Find something you are passionate about, be nice to people and WORK HARD……running your own company is a lifestyle so be prepared for the sacrifices. Find great people to work with you and never give up on your dreams.

Sally: Do something you love then it won’t feel like work… hard and play hard….. 

On their daily routines: Adam - We are early risers and Blondie comes down for a cuddle while we get ready - she loves to snuggle under the covers. I take Blondie for a quick spin while Sally strategises on her outfit of the day (which she often instagrams….). I usually take Blondie to my office in Kent; she’s so familiar with the route that she wakes up on the train at exactly the right stop! The girls in the office adore her and take her for walks during the day. Blondie is also the face of a new range I am launching soon called I Love Pugs… this space!

At the end of the day, we go for a final spin around Primrose hill. She’s really well behaved and walks off the lead but she always insists on taking her balls - totally obsessed with them!.


On their favourite Blondie tail: Sally - i just love the way she screeches with joy when running after her ball in the park….she just loves it!


On what breed of dog Sally would be: A frug - a mix of a pug and a french bulldog - just beautiful.


One thing people should know about them: 

Sally: Adam only wears black, white and grey….

Adam: Kate Moss is my fashion idol - I’d love a night out with her; it would be a blast!

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