When I got close to launching this site, a couple of friends had asked to see the pictures of me and Dhillon. 

'Oh, there aren't any!' was my response. 

'Why? Why haven't you done you yet? You must!'

I didn't even think about it to be honest. I was too wrapped up in meeting everyone else and their dogs. I didn't think about having me on site, wasn't it too narcissistic? Would Dhillon get a big head? The more I thought about it though, the more it made sense to have us up here. Not only as a little 'welcome' to the site, but these are definitely pictures for the family photo album! 

The idea to launch Lifestyle Tails came to me early last year (2015). I started writing reviews of dog friendly hotels in the UK for the Mail Online, and with every gorgeous country pile or super modern city lodging we stayed in, we met more and more stylish, fabulous, interesting people, all with dogs, all with stories to tell. 

What's more, London is becoming gradually more and more dog friendly, so just walking around Covent Garden, Soho or Shoreditch of an afternoon, you're more than likely to see a whole host of different people and their chosen breeds. Selfridges, Liberty of London, Fenwick are all dog-friendly now, and if you've got a small mutt (i.e. one you can carry), you are permitted to take him or her into most high street shops too. Hurrah!

I'm in the fashion industry - a writer, blogger, presenter and social media manager - and I started to see lots of my peers and colleagues buying dogs. Magazine editors and stylists now take theirs to work (Tatler magazine have an office dog, and I've been joined on lots of fashion shoots by lovely pups), fashion designers Instagram the hell out of theirs (Henry Holland, Marc Jacobs etc), and bloggers are going mad for smaller dogs at the moment. Don't worry, not just for Christmas (or fashion week) though!

So I started reaching out to some friends to see if they'd mind being photographed at home, with their dogs. They didn't. They were happy to pose. And so Lifestyle Tails was born! 

I wanted to ask the questions that people wanted the answers to: what's life like with a dog? What's your daily routine? What do you do!!? Any career advice? And I think with each person we interviewed and photographed, we got just enough of a glimpse into their lives, the relationship with their dog(s), and their homes. You can take what you like from the features on this site: inspiration, aspiration, humour, seriousness... that's the point of Lifestyle Tails. The tales are real! 

So, this is a big, hearty WELCOME from Dhillon and I to Lifestyle Tails. Thanks for clicking. Thanks for looking.

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