terre moshe and adar the afghan hound

She's a retired medical professional, and he is a retired therapy dog and now a media sensation... 

Words: Simon Glazin                   Pictures: Danielle Gornbein

We all do it. End up in an Instagram black hole. Going from one account to the next to find your new obsession. Liking every single picture on that account. That's exactly how I came across @adar_afghan_hound and her mum, Terre Moshe. 

I've wanted an Afghan hound on this site from the launch. They are probably the most photogenic, stunningly gorgeous dogs of all the breeds. And also the most human-looking. They all look like a Sue or Angela or Sheila. I've never actually met one, I didn't meet Adar for this shoot - they live in sunny California, but I'm making it my mission to. After spotting Adar on Instagram, after seeing him on a film set and in various fashion shoots, I messaged the account to ask if they'd consider being on the site. To my delight, Terre Moshe agreed. 

Instagram only portrays one version of 'reality'. You tend to put the best pictures up, the funniest captions. But it's only when you ask questions to the person behind the account that you find out there's more than just a pretty Afghan hound. Terre Moshe has, in the past, worked as a Clinical Lab Scientist, a Forensic Scientist and an Animal Health Technologist. Then she developed carpal tunnel of the hands which lead to her giving up her medical career. After going through a divorce, Adar arrived, and in between all her training and work, she trained Adar as a therapy dog, helping lots of patients through painful surgery aftercare. And she's also a mum of three. 

She's a super woman. You don't see that on Instagram, but you can hear more from her, and see more of Adar below... 

On life with Adar: As a child I was very allergic to animals, only keeping reptiles and fish. After years of childhood allergy shots, I overcame the allergies, and as an adult it was time to have animals in my life, so I earned my degree in Animal Health Technology with a practice of large and small animals. I began saving rescue animals and raising them as part of our family.

I am a single mum with three awesome, talented grown up children, three rescue cats, a Poodle, Goberian and Adar. Adar came into my life after a divorce, the passing of my Australian Shepherd/wolf Snow, and brain aneurysm and stroke. I was a Clinical Lab Scientist, Forensic Scientist and Animal Health Technologist now medically retired. I always wanted an Afghan Hound and was fortunate to meet this amazing dog as a 10 week old pup. When we met we formed an instant bond and were drawn to each other. Adar had seven sisters in the litter. I raised Adar as my service dog going through physical therapy and taking many courses on dog obedience together. I wanted my children to go off to college with peace of mind to live their lives and I could live independently with Adar by my side. I believe Adar rescued me.

Adar in Hebrew means Noble.

On work: I love the medical profession because it's a dynamic and ever changing field of study which benefits both animals and humans. Working in the medical field you never know what you will encounter on a daily basis. People and animals travel to many distant lands returning home with new illnesses or organisms and we as professionals must identify them to treat the patients. Many organisms mutate and change to disguise themselves and we become detectives as well as health professionals.

There is no room for error. Patients lives are at stake. The state of California requires us to test blind samples with our patient batches of specimens and report results to show we are competent in our results. Losing patients after working for hours in surgery with the team is very heartbreaking. This is a highly stressful profession but very rewarding as doctors, nurses, lab scientists and other hospital staff work as a team to save patient's lives.

My career has been a dynamic one. Working as an Animal Health Technologist in surgery and general medicine was rewarding ,and in the process I enjoyed looking under the microscope and analysing blood work. This lead me to return to college to become a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and Public Health Microbiologist. After years of working in private laboratories and hospitals, my bilateral carpal tunnel of my hands became worse and surgeries didn't help. I was looking for a less stressful but challenging career I could incorporate my talents. While raising my three children and working, I returned to college again to graduate with a Forensic Scientist Degree. Soon after I graduated I had to medically retire due to my carpal tunnel of my hands. A few months later I was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, I believe this progression saved my life.

On Adar's work: Adar completed his Canine Good Citizen Award and I wanted to give back to medical community as a therapy dog. We went through extensive training together as a team. We worked a few years a Kaiser Hospital in Los Angeles Paediatric oncology unit, Loma Linda brain injury facility, and retirement homes.

After a few years volunteering three days per week I felt Adar and I needed a change. Adar was discovered by a photographer at a local dog event and wanted him to model for his dog rescue book "Rover Woof Edition". Adar has since been featured in the photographer's other books benefiting dog rescue organisations. Pet agents began to seek out Adar and now he has done films, TV shows, TV commercials, print ads, runway, calendars and books. As long as Adar enjoys being in front of the camera we will continue in the entertainment industry.

On her daily routine: Every morning I wake up to a big furry head staring at me patiently waiting to see my eyes open, then he paws my covers and if I try to get a few more minutes of sleep Adar quietly makes a grunt and pulls the covers off me. Once I'm awake all the family animals are fed, then I enjoy my morning coffee looking for interesting jobs online for Adar. I love watching the dogs stretch their legs and play in the garden whilst I read my mail. I enjoy walking the dogs, then have my special time with Adar going to the dog park, beach, car rides, just sharing time with him. Afghans are one of the oldest ancient breeds who are very fast runners, need daily grooming, daily walking, and lots of love and attention. He will always wait for the last person of our group to catch up before continuing to walk, or he will stop in his tracks and wait. 

One life and mottos: Nothing has ever come easy to me, I have always had to work very hard for everything in life. I firmly believe in my parents motto: "Go around or through the mountain, there's always a way." I believe that in life you need a balance of family, friends, animals and respect and appreciation of nature. Never lose who you are as a person. I am so proud of my children who teach me as much as I have taught them! My children, pets, artwork, poems, and garden reflect who I am in my legacy. My life motto is: 'Alway be yourself or you are a grain of sand among thousands.'

We've won 'dog/person' look-a-like contests!

Some of Adar's star appearances:


Film: The Disaster Artist,  coming to cinemas December 2017

Tv Shows: Life in Pieces (season two finale 2017); Cesar Milan Dog Nation (2017)

TV advert: Mercedes Benz with tennis pro Roger Federer

Fashion: BCBG Maxazria Street Style Fashion video plus campaigns; Tyler Ellis Handbags

Online adverts: Pet Pure dog toothpaste; Rover to the rescue dog breed

Calendars: America's Top Dog Model 2018; Dogs in Hats for Canine Cancer Society 2016; Afghan Hound 2017