New dog food alert!

It seems like there is a new brand of dog food popping up every week at the moment. Some claim to be free of... everything, some are packaged amazingly, and lots use really good ingredients. I like reading all the information from the brands to see exactly what is in the food and how it's all made. And whilst Dhillon could happily eat all day long, I have to be careful with what I give him... He has a delicate little tummy. So when it comes to reviewing dog food (I'm not about to eat it!), I only choose those that I know will be kind to his stomach.

When the lovely people at offered him a trial, I jumped at the chance. I'd seen and heard lots about the brand. They tailor the food based on the breed, age, activeness, current diet and likes and dislikes of your dog and hand-mix each each order. Dhillon eats wet food at the moment, so I wanted something compatible, which this is. What's more, the bag and little plastic scoop comes personalised, a nice touch. And if you forget what is in the food, you are reminded with a list of ingredients when you get it delivered. 

Dhillon loves his food. I only give him a little scoop's worth mixed with his wet food. For a dog that likes a bit of crunch, this is perfect. The kibble is just big enough. 

When you sign up, you have the option of letting automatically send out monthly supplies based on the breed and how much you feed your dog. The whole thing is really clever, and if you want a trial, we've got a special code that gives a two weeks... just enter TAILS_DHILLON at checkout! 

Dhillon and his personalised bag of food and little scoop! 

Dhillon and his personalised bag of food and little scoop! 

The other food brand that caught my eye recently is WONDERBOO, direct from Sweden, and only launching in the UK this Spring. 

You'll notice the amazing packaging - it's so chic and simple, but effective. You remember it. It has that understated Scandinavian feel to it - sharp lines yet minimal. The brand is all about style and quality. Each meal comes in a plastic bowl inside one of these little boxes, and this actually is meant to be so you can feed on the go too! Genius. 

Founder and CEO Magnus Rosengren says: "For many years we have fed our canine friends food from the major dog food producers without questioning the contents. Dog owners' awareness has now increased, and the same high demands we put on our own food is no places on the food we feed our dogs." 

All ingredients are Swedish and natural, and contain either ox or cod. The cod is almost like dry flakes, and so not to upset his stomach, I sprinkled some on top of a couple of Dhillon's meals to see his reaction... he LOVED it, and ate it in seconds! 

I like that there is no filler or bulk in this food, what you see is what you get. There are few ingredients, and all are really good for your dog. The cod does have a strong smell, but dogs don't mind that! 

Check out more from WONDERBOO here

The wonderful Wonderboo! 

The wonderful Wonderboo! 

Stay tuned for more dog food suggestions soon!