Insta-Famous Pups: Margaret The Iggy

Introducing our newest feature… Insta-famous pups! We ask quick fire questions to some of Instagram’s most famous dogs so you can get to know the pooch behind the screen!

Meet our first, @margaret_the_iggy. This little Italian Greyhound resides in Adelaide, Australia, and can often be found in one of the many coffee shops, sporting the latest in doggy couture. Her Instagram bio reads: Breed: NOT a Whippet. Hobby: Strutting the streets of Adelaide. Aspiration: Obtain keys to the city. Scroll down to learn more about Margaret.

Us: Where do you get your amazing fashion sense from? 

Her: It’s just something I was born with. You either have it or you don’t.

Us: What's your favourite outfit and why? (could you screen shot which one it is?)
Her: Definitely my citrus onesie. It’s fresh and vibrant, an outfit for all occasions. 

Us: What's your favourite thing about mum and dad?

Her: My favourite thing about Mum is that she encourages me to pursue my dreams. I have so many talents which I need to explore and develop, and she always supports me in this. My favourite thing about Dad is that he works really hard every day to earn enough money to support me financially. I have really expensive tastes, and I won’t settle for second best. 

Us: Favourite things to do in Adelaide? 

Her: I just love getting out and about on the weekend with Jerry and visiting Adelaide’s many hipster coffee shops and bars. Unlike other major celebrities, I really enjoy mingling with the common folk. Adelaide has very few A-grade celebrities like myself and it gives people a real buzz when they see me on the street. Plus, it keeps me grounded, which I think is important. 

Us: One thing people should know about you...

Her: I am a really quick judge of character. I decide within seconds if I like somebody or not and if I don’t, there is nothing they can do to change my mind. This is a good skill to have, because everyone wants to be my friend, and I only have limited spots available.