Some of the best dog treats...

When you've got one dog who is super picky with what he eats, and another who will literally eat anything, we've always got massive amounts of dog treats in the house. It's trial and error with Dhillon - nothing too chewy, nothing too hard - and with Dolly, well she'll literally eat anything! I do, however, want her consuming things that are good for her. (She is a rescue, and used to just eat the scraps from her old family's dinner!)

Pet shops and supermarkets are FULL with a million different varieties of treats, from hide chews to low-fat cheesy bites, but the minute you start to look further afield, to the new emerging brands doing slightly different things with treats, you find those really good ones. And good news, they're not bank-breaking, which is the first thing people think of with anything other than Pedigree. 

Check out some of the best treats I've found recently... 


The Dog House Bedtime Biscuits

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 12.51.59.png

There's no reason why I put this first, however anything that enhances sleep with Dolly is a plus. She likes to bark at night at the moment. Both dogs seem to LOVE these little bone-shaped biscuits. They contain flaxseed, camomile and pumpkin seed, and have no added artificial colourants, no added preservatives and no wheat and wheat gluten. 

Get them here. 

bybenji Training Treats


Rescuing a five-year-old Dachshund is amazing, but it comes with its issues, the main one being that they are stubborn by nature, so hard to train. But Dolly responds really well to these little bits of heaven. They are made with the finest beef, and contain no nasties. Just meet. i wouldn't give them too many of these though, as they are so high in protein. A couple is fine. 

Get them here. 

Natures:Menu Real Meaty Treats


These are another favourite of my two... they love them! Dhillon likes them because they are soft. They are made with 95% real meat, which is actually, strangely, quite unusual for dog treats. They come in this flavour and also beef and chicken. Dhillon used to be fed a raw food diet, so he loves anything that is really meaty. These are gluten free with no artificial flavours and colours. 

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The Dog Treat Company


It was only a matter of time until someone clever came up with the same concept as Graze for humans but for dogs. These little boxes, full of amazing, Devon-made treats, are pure brilliance! You can just buy a one off box (they also do little bags of treats and tins), or you can subscribe to have them delivered either every 21, 30 or 45 days. This is the big box, which is £12, the small boxes are £6.75 for a one time purchase. There are lots of options to chose from: treats for fur, eyes, chill out treats and a box for fussy pups (perfect for Dhillon!). They are quite hard, but Dhillon managed them well. The boxes come with a little pouch too, so you can empty the trays into the bags for easy use. 

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