The genius of Furbo...

Ever wondered what your dog gets up to all day everyday? You may just think he or she paces around the room or sleeps for hours on end, but it’s only until you watch them, secretly, that you learn their habits.

Could you imagine doing this to a human? You wouldn’t get away with it. But pets are different. You want to know they are OK. That they are drinking, eating, and not chewing on your new sofa.




Can we just appreciate how well it fits with your lamps and other nic nacs? It’s so unassuming. One might think it’s one of those room air fresheners that pump out a spray every 3 minutes, but oh no! It’s a gateway to interacting with your dog when you’re not at home.

The people behind Furbo have worked with professional trainers and vets to develop the best technology and the most useful features to make this little machine the perfect device for dog owners.

Now, onto the fun bit: this is my dog, Dolly. She LOVES the treat function. Just a swipe up of the treat emoji at the bottom of the screen releases your chosen yummy snack (they have to be small and circular)…

There is also a talk function too, where you can speak to your dog. I’ve had to use it a couple of times… once where Dolly was climbing on the furniture to get onto a shelf. There was lots of screaming, and lots of treats being thrown, and eventually she came down. If we didn’t have the Furbo, there’d be smashed glass everywhere!

Sadly our other dog, Dhillon, HATES the talk function. He’s scared of it. He’ll run off and hide. But then again he is a very precious little dog!

The camera (1080px, 160 degree wide-angle view, 4x digital zoom) also has an LED night vision function… perfect for when your lamp timers go off! I have to admit though, in the dark you can see bright eyes, which is a tad scary, but at least you know they aren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be!


By the way, all this can be done from your mobile phone (just download the app), 24/7. There’s a BARK function too, which you can set to be sensitive or less so, which sends a notification to your phone when they are barking. Or when the cleaner is using the hoover (don’t tell her!).

It’s all very convenient, and actually a life saver. To be communicado with your dogs is a genius move! If only they could talk back!

You can get the Furbo for £199 instead of £249 right now, which is a big saving!

See more, and get yourself one, here.

Written in collaboration with Furbo