INSTA-FAMOUS PUPS: @popsysjourney

Apart from Popsy (@popsysjourney) looking so unbelievably cute, the photography on her Instagram profile is just. so. nice.

No, it’s nicer than nice. It’s bloody amazing! It’s the way her mum, Sandra, captures such gorgeous moments. We particularly like the shots of Popsy’s face in the hands of her owner. Cuteness overload! And doesn’t snow make everything look instantly pretty? Especially dogs!

We’re told on her Instagram profile all the technical details of the amazing pictures: ‘#PopsysJourney 2,5 y/o Podenco/Podengo mix 📷 Nikon D5300 lens: 18-55mm’.

Scroll down to hear from Popsy and Sandra…

Us: Where do you get your amazing fashion sense from? 

Popsy: I want to give my mum this credit, because she's the one with the fashion sense. And I'm too lazy too care.

Us: What's your favourite outfit and why?

Popsy: My favorite outfit is the @ghaladogs collar and leash set I have, the quality is amazing and very comfy to wear plus I look good AF! And I want to mention my fleece sweater(s) mum makes for me, they keep me warm on chilly days. And pink is definitely my color.


Us: What's your favourite thing about mum and dad?

Popsy: My favorite thing about mum is that she always takes care of me, take me out on walkies and are always available for cuddles. My favorite thing about dad is that he is easy to manipulate. I always get to taste he's human food!

Us: Favourite things to do in Arendal?

Popsy: Favorite thing to do in Arendal is walkies with friends! I have so many friends and I'm not particularly fond of playing, but company on walkies are the best!

Us: One thing people should know about you...

Popsy: Everyone should know by now that I'm a diva, I'm the Queen and I rule this world!