The Monster of all pet supplies!

Anyone else have their dog on the Christmas present list? Dhillon actually usually tops mine. I don't do big flashy gifts for him, no helicopter trips or electronic cars to navigate the house. Just little things that I know he'll like. 

And when the lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies got in touch to help out with Dhillon's presents, it was too good an offer to refuse!

Dhillon had no idea what was in the box, neither did I, but I couldn't leave it to open until Christmas Day for him. He wanted to find out what was inside. And there was LOTS inside! 

From a Lily's Kitchen advent calendar and treats, to dog-friendly candy canes, a dog bowl and even a dog jumper. There was EVERYTHING a little (or big) pooch could possibly dream of! It was an amazing gift box for Dhillon to receive. He LOVES the advent calendar, and knows exactly what is coming when I pick it up. 

As if it couldn't get any better, the lovelies at Monster Pet Supplies have featured Dhillon and I as their 'blogger of the month', check out our little interview here. 

ALSO, because I love the products Monster offers, and I'd love for all dogs to get amazing gifts this Christmas, I have a special code that gives you £5 off orders over £65 and more, so get shopping, and get money off - use code TAILSDEC5.