Dog Food Review: Nineteen 87

Here's the thing... we have two dogs: one who likes ALL, ANY, WHATEVER food (Dolly, the rescue), and the other (Dhillon) is fussy and particular, often turning his nose up at new tastes. Like a true diva. So when it comes to finding food they are both into, it gets tricky. 

Not that they both have to like the same food, but to be honest, it just makes life SO much easier.

When we are offered food to review I'm always nervous Dhillon will just turn his head, so tend not to take anyone up on the offer. But I had a feeling with Nineteen 87. I'd read some reviews before saying yes to reviewing, and it seemed to be favourable by lots of difficult pooches. 



And the reason why Dhillon likes it: It's completely uncomplicated! 50% chicken, lamb, beef or salmon, some plants and extracts and some amazing vitamins and minerals to keep the dogs healthy. That's it! No nasties, no wheat, no maize, no rice. No fillers basically. 

I told you Dhillon is fussy! We can't really rely on Dolly for an honest review as she just gobbles up any food, however her tail is SUPER waggy when she's eating Nineteen 87. 

I wouldn't recommend any old food to you guys, but this one is a winner!


Other little points are Nineteen 87:

  • The name is the year that Graham, the creator, started working in the pet food industry.
  • The kibble is the perfect size for all dogs.
  • The packaging is super lovely, with a little illustration by artist John Byrne, of his own dog, Mischa.
  • It's all baked, which locks in all the goodness.
  • And it's all made in Graham's bakery in St Asaph, Wales. 
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