Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is AMAZING!

News reaches us that the people at Nissan have released a prototype of a brand new car that caters VERY WELL for our four legged friends! 

The Nissan X-Trail 4Dogs is essentially a family car, but with lots of built-in features to help the furry family member be more comfortable, and to ensure those muddy walks are taken care of. 

Think: a ramp so you don't have to get dirty and wet lifting them up, a camera linking the boot with the front so you can see and speak to the dog, treat dispenser, no-spill water bowl, drying system, bed, and a very chic quilted leather interior. 

Take a look at this video to see how it all works...

We're not sure when it will come out, or even if it will actually be manufactured, OR how much it will be, but what we do know is is that it's PAWFECT for everyone with a dog! 

Who wants in on the waiting list?