MEATliquor and its charity hot dogs...

For anyone who loves meat, you've probably been to one of the many MEATliquor restaurants around the UK. And now, thanks to their charity hot dog - the Littlest Hobo - you can enjoy the meat, and give something back to! 

Throughout March, April and May, MEATliquor will give £1 to local dog charities from every Littlest Hobo sold - in London, it's Battersea Dogs Home. What's more, there is a dedicated doggy cocktail menu too: A St. Bernard (brandy, black cherry liqueur, lemon juice), Copper Dog (whisky, plum bitters) and Lassie Lassi (vodka, greek yogurt and more goodness) among many. 

AND what's more, the little black and tan Dachshund in the pictures is our very own Dhillon! He was asked to model in the campaign by the people at MEATliquor, and jumped at the chance when we heard it was for charity! 

Find Dhillon on Instagram @dhillythedaxie, and his friend @ziggythesausagedog. 

Enjoy a hot dog if you go to one of the MEATliquor restaurants! Why not eat two, and give more back!?